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Overlooking Las Cruces to the east are the Organ Mountains, a haven for hikers and adventure seekers alike. The Organs offer two main recreational areas, Aguirre Springs and Dripping Springs/La Cueva.

Las Cruces, New Mexico - Hiking Trail in Aguirre SpringsAguirre Springs
Aguirre Springs features hiking, mountain biking, picnicking and camping at one of the most scenic areas in southern New Mexico. From the campsites there are two trails; Baylor Pass and Pine Tree Trail, both listed as part of the National Recreation Trail System. Baylor Pass is a six-mile trail starting on the east side of the mountains and ascending to the top of Baylor Pass, approximately 5,500 feet. From the top, you can see the Rio Grande Valley to the west and the shimmering dunes of White Sands National Monument to the east. This trail can only accommodate hiking and horseback riding. The Pine Tree Trail is a four-mile loop that takes about three hours to complete and is for hiking only. For camping information, call (575) 525-4300.

Dripping Springs and La Cueva
The second area for hiking and camping is the Dripping Springs/La Cueva campground. From there, hikers can choose between a trail leading to the ruins of the old Dripping Springs Resort, a former hotel and sanctuary for people suffering from tuberculosis and the trail leading to La Cueva, a mountain cave believed to have been a shelter for prehistoric Mogollon Indians. Both trails are approximately one mile long.

Las Cruces, New Mexico - Yucca Near Base of Organ Mountains
Camp Sites
Aguirre Springs
(575) 525-4300

Caballo Lake State Park
(575) 743-3942

Percha Dam State Park
(575) 743-3942

Leasburg Dam State Park
(575) 524-4068

Radium Springs: Day use only
(575) 524-4068

Dripping Springs: Day use only
(575) 525-430

Susan Garza Homes in Las Cruces NM